Can you have a fire pit on your patio?

fire pit in garden

The short answer is yes, you can have a fire pit on a patio. The longer answer involves a bit more detail, though.

A patio is basically an outdoor area that’s usually made of tiles, concrete or stone and covered by a roof (or part of the roof). Patios are often built in the back yard, but they can also be situated in area of the property—especially in warmer climates where people like to sit outside during the summer months.

A fire pit is essentially a bowl-shaped hole filled with burning wood or charcoal that creates heat and sometimes light. Fire pits are used to add ambiance to the outdoor area, cooking food as well as for keeping warm when it’s cold out.

Fire pits are very popular in some parts of the world, especially South Africa due to the favorable climate.

In fact, having a fire pit on your patio is the perfect way to create an outdoor space that is functional and beautiful. You can enjoy warm evenings with friends while cooking food over the flames or roasting marshmallows for s’mores. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try out some outdoor cocktails or even make some smoky barbecue sauce using wood chips or chunks as an ingredient!


If you want to use a fire pit on your patio, make sure it’s in an area that’s away from patio furniture and any other flammable materials or structures. And keep in mind that if you’re using an outdoor fire pit on your patio, it will still need to be covered at all times by a spark arrestor screen or other approved device.

fire pit screen


Always refer to the bylaws in your town or city concerning outdoor fires in residential areas as these may differ considerably from city to city.