Here we discuss what contributes the composite decking prices

Composite Decking Prices depend on deck size, material, and design intricacy. Composite decking costs range from R1600 to R2500 per square metre. Before buying, compare prices since product and retailer pricing fluctuate.

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Other elements that may impact the cost of composite decking include:

The location of the deck:

Due to transportation costs and other considerations, composite decking prices can be more expensive to install in some regions of the country.

The cost of composite decking might vary depending on the location of the deck in a few different ways. For instance, if the deck is being built in a up market area with a higher cost of living, greater labour and material prices could increase the project’s overall cost. Additionally, if the deck is being built in an outlying area such as on a game farm where supplies must travel a greater distance for delivery, the cost of transportation may be higher, which could also have an impact on the project’s final cost.

It is also important to keep in mind that different regions may charge different prices for different types of composite decking. A popular form of composite decking, for instance, can be more difficult or expensive to get in another region due to supply or transportation expenses.

In general, while planning a budget for a composite decking project, the location of the deck might be a significant issue to take into account. In order to find the greatest deal on composite decking materials and installation in your region, it is always a good idea to shop around and compare rates from several contractors or suppliers.

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The Size of the Deck:

The size of the deck is one of the main factors that can affect the composite decking price . The larger the deck the more materials and labour it requires to build, thus a higher price.

The specific cost of composite decking will depend on a number of factors, such as the dimensions of the deck, the quality of composite material used to manufacture the decking, and the shape of the design, for example, around a swimming pool. 

To get an accurate estimate of the projects composite decking prices, contact us today on 067 6760 787 or email us at . Keep in mind that the size of the deck is just one factor that can affect the overall composite decking prices , and other factors, such as the type of composite material used, the complexity of the design, and the cost of labor, can also play a role.

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The complexity of the design also affects the composite decking prices:

The complexity of the design can affect the cost of composite decking in a few different ways. Complex designs with multiple levels, stairs, curves, for example around flower beds or water features will generally require more materials and labor to build compared to a simple rectangular deck.
As a result, the overall cost of a composite decking project with a complex design will be higher than the cost of a simpler design.

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Brand and Material:

The cost of composite decking can vary quiet a lot based on the brand and type of material used.
There are many different brands and types of composite decking on the market, and they can vary significantly in price. Some brands and types of composite decking may be more expensive due to their durability, color options, or other features, while others may be more affordable

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The type of composite material:

There a large range of todays modern composite decking materials available in the market, with equally differing prices. Some types of composite decking will be more durable or have other features that make them more expensive, such as non-slip, free of splinters, resistant to insects etc.

In general, modern composite decking is more expensive than traditional wood decking, but composite decking needs much less maintenance and as it contains plastic has a longer lifespan, which can offset some of the initial cost.