For many people, the best part of spring and summer is spending time outdoors. You can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, or just relax on your patio with a cold drink and good company while reading a book. But if your backyard looks like something out of a horror movie right now, don’t worry! We’re here to help! In this post we’ll walk you through getting your patio ready for summer, and give your outdoor space a spring cleaning (or makeover).

Getting your patio ready for summer – Let’s spruce up your outdoor living area

If you’re like me, your outdoor space has gotten a bit neglected over the winter. It’s time to spruce it back up for spring and summer!

Spring is an excellent time to spruce up your yard. With warmer weather ahead, it’s important to keep everything in order so that you’ll be able to enjoy your yard more fully when the weather gets nicer. If you’ve been meaning to clean up some of the clutter outside but haven’t had any motivation yet, now is definitely the time!

There are lots of things that can help you get started with getting organized: hiring a handyman or cleaning service might be easier than doing it yourself; or maybe just give yourself some time on weekends throughout the year (they move fast!) and tackle one project at a time—usually cleaning out one area at a time works best because then there aren’t too many things piling up on top of each other making everything look chaotic again right away! Or if nothing else works for whatever reason then just start small by going through all those old clothes lying around collecting dust somewhere else first before tackling anything else—because once those items have been put away into storage bins elsewhere people won’t miss them anymore anyways since no one sees where they went anyways since no one ever goes over there except maybe once every few months so forget about thinking about going through those boxes filled with junk because we already did that when we moved into this house years ago…

flowers on patio table

7 Ideas of what to cleaning

The first step is to give it a thorough cleaning:

  • Spray with a high pressure hose (optional) and the sweep the walkway.
  • Wash down the patio and deck. (If you have Composite Decking | Plastic Decking | PVC Decking ( then click here for cleaning tips)
  • Brush or wipe off your outdoor patio furniture with a damp cloth and fabric cleaning product
  • Clean out the grill.
  • Clean out the fire pit.
  • Clean out the trash cans.
  • Clean out the garage, shed, tool shed (if you have one), and garden if you have one of those too!

A good washing can make the difference between looking run-down and looking inviting.

If you’re hosting a cookout, clean the patio, deck, and furniture. Wash the windows and doors. Clean the grill and refrigerator. One of the main points to focus on when getting your patio ready for summer, is your patio furniture. As mentioned above use a good quality fabric cleaner to get rid of subboprn marks. The best way to keep your outdoor spaces looking great is to give them a thorough once-over every week or two in springtime and summertime—and even more often if it’s rainy season in your area of the country!

Pot Plants

If you have plants in pots, make sure to add fresh soil, fertilizer and water.

Check the soil for dryness. If it’s very hard or crumbly, it’s time to re-pot your plant into fresh soil. Add a little fertilizer and water thoroughly before planting the plant back into its new pot of dirt. Be sure not to overwater! Overwatering can cause root rot or fungus on your plants’ leaves (not good). Water deeply but infrequently—this means less frequent than once per week—and only when needed; don’t let them sit around wet all day long!

Also, check for weeds that have sprouted over the winter.

It is also important to check for weeds that have sprouted over the winter. While some weeds are simply unsightly, many can also be harmful to your lawn and soil health. If you want to avoid using herbicides, you can manually remove these weeds by hand or with tools like a hoe or shovel.

Tired plants will need to be trimmed back

You might want to trim back any plants that have grown too tall or are overgrown. Cut back dead or damaged branches and remove any dead leaves or flowers. Also, give your plants a good soak, making sure all their roots are completely soaked for about 20 minutes. Then let them dry out before watering again.

Garden Accents

Spring is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy your yard. There’s still plenty of time before summer, so now is when you can really freshen things up, adding some new plants and making minor changes to make your outdoor space look like a completely new place.

Once your yard and walkways are free from debris and dead leaves, it’s time to focus on accents that can bring the space to life. Carefully selected garden accents can go a long way when getting your patio ready for summer.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to welcome friends and family, as well as birds! They can be bought at most garden centers, or you can make your own. The right kind of wood will last longer.

When you hang wind chimes outside, they should be at least 10 feet from any structure that is less than 20 feet high (including trees) or from overhead power lines.

bamboo wind chime in garden

Bird Feeders

Add bird feeders, iif you want to encourage birds into your garden, purchase some bird feeders.

Bird feeders are another way of bringing life into your garden area.

You can find bird feeders in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common type is the tube variety. It’s easy to clean and fill, and you can hang it from trees or mount it on poles in your garden area. Another option is a hopper feeder; these are typically mounted on poles. While you should hang your tube feeder out of reach of hungry squirrels, they’re usually not squirrel-proof.

bird feeders

Get your patio ready for summer – Bird Houses

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of nature to your home and like birds, birdhouses are a great option.

They should be placed in strategic locations where they won’t be too obvious. They can be placed along the fence line or near trees in areas where they won’t be too visible from inside the house. Birds need places to hide when they are nesting and raising their young, so it’s ideal if there is some cover nearby as well—a bush or small tree will do just fine! If you don’t want them hidden away completely but still want them out of sight, try placing your birdhouses outside on top of an overhang instead of hanging them on a tree branch directly below. That way, they can still provide shelter without being visible from inside your home.

garden bird house

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will do wonders for any outdoor space.

  • When you’re thinking about flowers for your outdoor space, choose ones that are native to your area. That way, they’ll be more likely to survive the elements and look great all year round.
  • Don’t just pick one or two types of flowers—use a variety! The more diversity there is in a bouquet or arrangement, the better it will look. And don’t forget about other plants like cactus and succulents!
  • Don’t limit yourself to just flowers: add foliage and greenery like ivy into various parts of your decorating scheme (like on top of pots).